John Held’s Surprise

John Held Longboarding from Living Way Church on Vimeo.

Spring 2014 New Members Video

20 Year Celebration Video


A Christmas Question Answered

The following question was sent to me by one of our thoughtful young people. I have a question for you about the wise men that brought gifts to Jesus. How do people know that the wise men came when Jesus was about two years old? Also, in Luke 2:13 it … Continue reading »


The Reality of Human Evil

Human Fallenness The killing of twenty children and six adults yesterday (12/14) in Newtown, Connecticut, is an unspeakable horror. Our nation is once again faced with the awful reality of human evil. Christianity faces this reality honestly and fully acknowledges the horror of moral evil and its consequences. The Bible … Continue reading »


This Morning’s Songs

December is Here Can you believe we’re wrapping up 2012? Can you believe how fast it’s gone by? God has been so incredibly faithful. For us, 2012 was the year of the baby. We prepared for him, we had him (Katie actually did), and now we’re learning how to take … Continue reading »

Who's in Control?

How in Control is God?

Random? The other day, I asked our kids, “How in control is God, anyway?” Nothing shakes us to the core more than seemingly random tragedy. But, is it really random? Where was God’s control in the face of pain? Joseph The preeminent place in the Bible to go for this … Continue reading »


Yesterday’s Song List

My Site… Hey everyone! I posted in more detail about yesterday’s song list here at my personal blog, where I talk more specifically about leading worship and a few other things. I’m hoping to post the song list there every Sunday morning before we gather, along with my hopes for the … Continue reading »

A Leader Who Limps

 Jacob’s Destiny Jacob, you may remember, didn’t start off very well. He was a lying deceiver who looked out only for his own interests. Nevertheless, it was God’s purpose to bless him. It was also God’s purpose to humble him.  God would use the next few years in Jacob’s life to make … Continue reading »

Take the Tonic

Thanksgiving drives out the heart of despair In my home growing up, this saying became axiomatic. I must have heard it a thousand times. I know it’s corny, and it sounds religious, but there is just something about giving thanks that changes the atmosphere in the soul. You just cannot stay … Continue reading »