Sunday Mornings

Celebrating the Gospel through Singing and Preaching

Our lives have been remarkably transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. So every Sunday morning it is our privilege to gather together as the church in order to express our joyful gratitude and profound love for our Savior.

Our Sunday morning service provides a context where we encounter God together mainly through the Word of God proclaimed. As a church body, we also respond to who God is and rejoice in what He’s done for us through song and prayer. We also gather to experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit together, as we encourage one another, stir one another to love and good works, and pray for one another.

It would be a privilege and an honor to have you join us on Sunday mornings. We trust that God will meet you as we celebrate the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ together.

Services weekly at 10:30 am

Here are some answered questions that will give you a feel of what you can expect:

What should I dress like?

Not too formal, but not too casual. We want you to feel comfortable, so we’d encourage you to think of aiming for somewhere in the middle.

What is the atmosphere like?

People love to hang out; both before and after the service. Our cafe opens at 9:30, so grab some free coffee and get to know some folks!

What should I do with my children?

Families worship together in song, and then children from infants up to 6th graders have nursery services and classes available during the message. Parents are released to escort their children to our children’s ministry wing just after we’ve had a few announcements and sing a final song before the sermon.

What kind of preaching do you have?

Our preaching is usually expositorally evangelistic. This means that the sermon is simple and has one goal: To explain a particular text from the Bible and show how it ties to the gospel.

What kind of music do you have?

Our style of music is varied, but you can expect a blend of both old hymns and modern songs. You’ll usually see a stage filled with contemporary instruments like drums and electric guitars, but don’t worry it won’t get too loud…

When do you take communion?

We take the Lord’s supper on the second Sunday of each month at the closing of the service.

How can I receive personal prayer?

After the service folks are invited to receive ministry from a team of people who are available to talk and pray with you for whatever you’d like.