Sunday School

March 4th – 25th, 2018

Financial Stewardship: This course will display the interconnection of our theology and our practice. In many ways, how we spend our money indicates what we actually believe. This course is designed to give encouragement to people from all walks of life and stages of financial stewardship, from students to retirees. If you are already managing your money with success, this course will encourage you to continue. Moreover, if your financial house is out-of-order, this course will offer a fresh start by giving you a Biblical vision of managing money and the tools to implement that vision.

In the four sessions, the following topics will be covered:

1.    Biblical worldview of personal financial management

2.    Budgeting and money-management

3.    Long-term financial planning verses short-term thinking

4.    Application, conclusion, and Q&A session


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